Craig Taborn
60 x Sixty

Sixty pieces of music in sixty minutes each about sixty seconds in length.

Pressing PLAY initiates a run of 60 tracks in a randomized order. The sequence ends after all 60 pieces play. The numbers relate to the ordinal position of each piece in the present playlist and are not intended titles or identifiers of the musical works. Every subsequent play shuffles the deck. In time new pieces may be added as others are removed.

This series is created with a diversity of musical processes and aesthetic parameters. The pieces relate to one another only in seeking to explore how malleable the perception of a 60-second span of time might be when subject to different sound worlds in succession. Do some pieces feel longer than others? What elements contribute to this subjective experience? How does time pass or not pass?

Press PLAY to begin the ride. It’s a singular journey each time.

—Craig Taborn